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Since they contain copious amounts of vitamin K, manganese, vitamin C, fiber, thiamin, vitamin A, and folate, green peas offer a remarkable nutrition profile. But besides the vitamins and minerals offered in green peas, there are plenty of reasons to include more into your diet. Research notes that green peas offer powerful cancer protection, contain potent anti-inflammatory benefits, enable better blood sugar regulation, and serve as a heart-healthy carbohydrate choice. Here’s why they’re included in Liquid Hope.


Green peas contain coumestrol, a special phytonutrient that may provide protection against stomach cancer. According to a study in Mexico City by Hernandez-Ramirez et. al, when food frequency questionnaires were given to 248 patients diagnosed with gastric cancer and 478 healthy controls, it was demonstrated that the control group consumed significantly more coumestrol, as well as other polyphenols like cinnamic acid, secoisolariciresinol, as compared to the patients diagnosed with gastric cancer.


A variety of phytochemicals, including phenolic acids like ferulic acid and caffeic acid, as well as pisumsaponins I and II and pisomosides A and B, are present in green peas. These phytochemicals lend antioxidant activity and may help protect against chronic diseases like cancer and other inflammatory-related conditions.


Because of their healthy amount of fiber, green peas may improve glycemic response as compared to lower fiber foods. In a study by Marinangeli & Jones, both whole yellow pea flour and fractioned yellow pea flour versus white wheat flour significantly reduced fasting insulin concentrations in hypercholesterolemic, overweight women. In addition, there was a marked reduction in insulin resistance by HOMA-IR.

While more research is needed to further investigate the beneficial properties of green peas, one can’t deny the powerful nutrition in these nutrient-packed spheres.


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